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Design is my ultimate passion in life!  Being an Architect and an Artist is
I express my passionate design aspirations. The artist side of me creates compositions for wearable art accessories as well as many other art pieces.
My sculptural work is very architectonic arising from my images taken
 from my career as an Architect. I place a strong emphasis on composition,
form, materials and movement.  

I have a strong love for metal and the manipulation of metal into art. Metal is
 a medium that has no long as you have the imagination. 
Welding, cutting, bending, twisting, hammering, texturing, use of patinas
and other special finishes are techniques I use in my unique creations. I 
combine various other materials to accent my metals in contrast to their inherent properties. I am intrigued by the concepts in Yen & Yang and create
 visions that are playful and balanced but full of asymmetry.

My desire is to stimulate curiosity of the unexpected, hoping to provoke a
positive effect on ones thoughts, sensibilities and emotions. I hope you enjoy my
 work and feel the passion I put into each and every unique one-of-a-kind piece!

Up Coming Art Fairs & Events 2012

Bernardo Winery Spring Arts & Crafts Fair  
~May 12th & 13th, 10am-5pm
Bernardo Winery
13330 Paseo Del Verano Norte
San Diego CA 92128

UCSD Craft Center Spring Sale

~June 5th thru June 8th, 10am-6pm
UCSD Craft Center Store
 La Jolla/San Diego, Ca.

Carlsbad Art in The Village  

~August 12, 9am-5pm
Carlsbad Village, Ca.

Letrice Sherrillo

     619 . 992 . 8350